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Prem Babies Milestones

Normal 0 If you ask a parent whose baby was born full term to recallthe date of their baby’s various milestones, I’m sure most will be able torecall an awful lot of their baby’s milestones with a fair amount of accuracy.If you ask the parent of a baby who was prem and spentseveral months in NICU the same question I have no doubt that all of theseparents will be able to recall their baby’s milestones with perfect accuracy.The reason I say this is because parents mark theirbaby’s milestones, however prem babies who have spent time in NICU will have momentousmilestones, that’s not to say I belittle full term baby milestones because Idon’t.Parents of full term babies could never comprehend thestruggles, the stress the highs and lows of life in the Neonatal Intensive CareUnit.When a prem baby comes off their ventilator it’s such amammoth milestone that the baby’s parents cannot help but recall the exact dateand often the time that their little one started breathing unaided.Milestones such as when baby comes off CPAP, when baby nolonger requires a Nasal Cannula or when baby no longer needs to be tube fed. Premature baby milestones may vary significantly fromfull-term babies. Premature baby development can affect the baby's ability tobreathe, eat, stay warm, react to stimuli, digest and eliminate normally. All of the above would have had more time to develop if thebaby had not been born prematurely.  Tomonitor growth and development, premature baby milestones are based not on whenthe baby was born, but on the baby's original due date.So please next time you meet a parent of a premature babyremember it’s not just that their baby was born earlier or smaller, but alsothat their baby might have had to fight for life itself.  Comments such as oh isn’t he small or isn’the sitting up yet are not only thoughtless they are hurtful. Count your blessing that you baby has not had to spend thefirst several months of his or her life in NICU.If you or a loved one has a premature baby in NICU thenplease visit our premature baby store at

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