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What’s In It For Me? Male Perspectives on OM

As a man, if you've heard about the very feminine-focused practice of Orgasmic Meditation you may wonder just what's in it for you. On the surface, this partnered meditative technique, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, could indeed appear to be "all about her". But more and more men are discovering that practicing the kind of non-goal oriented techniques OM entails provides them with myriad benefits on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.However, if you think it's a case of "I'll have what she's having", you may need to adjust your thinking to rewrite your sexual script.Understanding it's the Journey Not the DestinationOM involves one partner stroking the other's clitoris for a 15-minute session, with no goal other than to be entirely present in the experience and deeply feel every sensation it invokes. Because the focus is entirely on the woman's genitals it might be easy to consider the practice somewhat one sided, but when you accept that it's not about who's getting what out of it you're able to release a host of (often) sub-conscious beliefs around sex that a few seconds of sexual climax is the ultimate goal. And, if you're seeking enlightenment in the quest of how to attract women, this kind of sexual recalibration can go a long way.She Feels, He FeelsWomen who practice OM report benefits that permeate every area of their lives, including reduction in stress levels, increase in energy and a release of the negative effects of sexual trauma or assault. But here comes the question you really want to ask: "What about me?"Male OMers claim that the non-goal oriented nature of the practice is highly beneficial for them in ways they had not previously considered. While previously sex was all about focusing on a climax (both their own and, hopefully, their partner's), enacting this mindful, intimate practice can be extremely confronting, forcing one into an uncomfortable situation that is at the same time humbling and incredibly powerful.The act of stroking a woman's clitoris in a repetitive, meditative motion, and being entirely present while doing so with no other goal, cultivates an enhanced level of attention (in, for example, the fingers), which translates to other areas of a man's life.Men often report that the removal of the pressure to "perform" opened them up to tuning in to their own body to discover feelings and sensations that they were previously unaware of, or avoided. This ability can be entirely transformational and, in turn, also nurtures a curiosity and willingness to learn within all intimate relationships – not solely the sexual ones. Men OMers report feeling less anxious and more confident in their day-to-day lives, and are also able to engage in more intimate, connected sex.Women Love Men Who Love WomenWhile you may think that learning how to attract women invariably comes down to sex, understanding that good sex requires intimacy and vulnerability is vital. By opening yourself up to the "feeling based" language of women, you'll be able to not just attract them, but also connect with them on a deeper and more meaningful level.So, if you're considering exploring ways of how to attract women, Orgasmic Meditation may give you the kind of help you never even knew you needed. Ah, enlightenment…

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