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Floor clock was invented in the early 1680s. And for the next two centuries, it has ruled the clock industry. Due to the advent of digital and analog timekeeping systems in the early 20th century, the pendulum clock has lost its functional significance, but still, it holds a great cultural significance and proved to be a major cultural artifact. Timepiece collectors all over the world love to buy floor clocks.No doubt, traditional floor clocks are appealing, but modern floor clocks are also intriguing. Modern floor clocks are also known as contemporary floor clocks and produced by many of the world's most renowned clock manufacturers. The major difference between modern floor clocks and traditional floor clocks is of clock movements. Modern floor clocks have battery-powered quartz clock movements while traditional floor clocks have weight-driven pendulum clock movements.If you are planning to buy a modern floor clock, here are a few things you need to consider:Driving mechanismThe majority of modern clocks use quartz clock movements. Look for a quartz clock that has a warranty of at least three years for clock movements. These clocks use batteries to power the time, chimes, and the swinging pendulum. There is no weight driven power mechanism. Hence, they do not require winding. These clocks are very accurate. Batteries usually last a year at a time and easy to replace.Style of ClockYou have a vast range of designs available when it comes to buying a modern floor clock. Modern clockmakers do not stick to traditional designs only. You can choose from a vast range of styles available. Some Quartz clocks will have the three weights to resemble a mechanical movement, but these do not move and are added only to enhance the style of the clock. So you can choose the style of the clock depending on your personal preferences.The dial of the clockThe dial of clocks is an important part because most are intricately designed. There are many different styles and shapes of the face, with the most common being circular and square. The face of a floor clock is carefully crafted by the makers, and an important feature when creating treasures like these.ChimesThe chimes are very important features of the clock. Most modern floor clocks have chimes for the quarter-hour, half-hour, and hourly times, but can also be found with only hourly and half-hourly chimes. Many clocks only have hourly chimes. The choice of chimes depends on how elaborate you want the grandfather clock to be. The most common chimes played in these clocks are Westminster chimes or Ave Maria melodies. Some clocks also have a volume control to adjust the volume, chime silence, and hourly only chimes.PriceLast but not least, keep an eye at the price of modern floor clocks. These are cheaper than traditional floor clocks. So, compare the price of the modern floor clock from reputed manufacturers before buying one. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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