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More than 300 types of honey are produced and most popular among these are the wildflower and clover honey taste.Clover Honey – It is one of the most common type of honey which is available in a squeeze bottle at supermarkets all around the world. Additionally, it has a light flavor. It has a runnier texture compared to its competitor. Wildflower Blossom Honey – It is the best honey popularly used by top restaurants for its flavor. For a greater flavor, lower amount of Greek wildflower honey is required, and it never gets diluted in water. Due to difference in usage, a jar of 12-ounce wildflower honey usually lasts 31% longer than the jar of 32-ounce clover honey. Summary of Clover vs Wildflower Honey – Clover is not used to boost flavor rather it is used as a sweetener. It has a low taste as compared to Wildflower honey. The Wildflower honey is the best honey as it enhances flavor and additionally maintains sweetness. The Greek wildflower honey by MagnaGrecia is USDA certified. It is an organic honey that gets imported from Olympia, Greece. It has several health benefits and is a secret weapon for skincare. It helps in aiding digestion, energy booster, cough suppression. This organic honey by MagnaGrecia is free of chemicals, pesticides, artificial color, artificial flavors and preservatives. This organic USDA certified wildflower honey by MagnaGrecia is the most premium honey you can get in the market. USDA Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil One of the most flavorful and top-rated olive oil brands is the MagnaGrecia’s organic extra virgin Greek olive oil. It is USDA certified organic oil that is extracted from sandy-soil Koroneiki olive tree which is more than 150-year-old. Greece is the most stable region for the harvest of olive oil. It produces the top-rated olive oil. Greeks are the first civilization that extracted olive oil in 3,000 BC. As Koroneiki olive trees produces the best olive oil, therefore Australia and California are growing these trees. However, their soil and climate does not match to the Greek region. Hence, they market it in the name of Greek olive oil, but they are not produced in Greece. The olive oil bottles produced by MagnaGrecia is unfiltered, raw and real. They are harvested in Greece. Original cold pressed extra virgin Greek olive oil brand never blends or dilutes with other oils. There are many other brands that do so. It is a top-rated olive oil and is filled with flavor. Koroneiki olive and MagnaGrecia  provides the best olive oil. It is of premium quality and is FDA inspected. Additionally, it is USDA certified, free of chemicals and preservatives. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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