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Benefits of using honey are explained by the modern science in a detailed manner already but the historical facts are the major reason for its tremendous popularity today. The medicinal benefits are understood in a complete manner by the Global consumers and that is the reason for its prominence all over the world. Top rated olive oil is also being extensively used for its medicinal value. Metabolic rates are higher The healing effects of honey make it to be a wonderful agent to use for treating cataracts in patients. Honey can be used for medical treatments for variety of eye diseases, which is already in practice in India. In major parts of India and Bangladesh, people are using honey for sore throat and cough. There are people who are using it for leg ulcers in certain parts of Africa as well. In certain parts of Nigeria, Honey is being used to treat measles. The traditional knowledge that we have about Greek honey and the modern science that has thrown light on some important facts put together has formed an alternative study of medicine called as apitherapy. The major focus of this research involving apitherapy is to prevent and cure different ailments using the therapeutic properties of honey. This study is called as apitherapy and the oral injection of honey is the major treatment method in this therapeutic procedure. System restored after using Top rated olive oil in your food You can cure a range of problems in humans from insomnia to laryngitis. Yes, it is also being used for treating and anorexia. If you are suffering from anorexia then the problems are quite aggravating over time. On the other hand, when you are going to use pure Honey to treat this problem then the symptoms are really reducing slowly. The stomach ulcers and intestinal ulcers also cured using raw honey in your diet. Constipation related problems are quite common in the present times where the fast food and junk food are getting popular all over the world. People are suffering from constipation because of so many reasons. Certain other ailments like diabetes and blood pressure also lead to malfunctioning of body parts and organs. For all these reasons, you may get trouble in the digestive efficiency of the system. When that is the case then try using honey in major parts of your dishes for the entire day. See the difference. Especially the raw honey that is obtained from France, Germany and Greece are highly recommended by the physicians as first line treatment for injuries and bones. The superficial bone wounds are treated better when you are going to apply the high quality Greek honey that is extracted from some parts of Greece in particular. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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