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SAP industry solutions and SAP S/4 HANA attached for CRM - Articles Factory

Most enterprise software vendors aggressively push new latest technology as the means to achieve digital transformation. SAP is promoting SAP Leonardo as a customer solution that could be deployed in an intelligent enterprise using the SAP cloud platform. The first step in the digital transformation roadmap for SAP S/4 HANA migration is upgrading current infrastructure to improve user experience and then provide mobile access. These steps are complex and demanding and is said to be impractical for many enterprises (especially small enterprises which have deployed on-premise SAP industry solution). Therefore, a different path has to be traversed for small industries who choose to go for digital transformation.   The few unorthodox steps that the small enterprises can take up to make digital transformation more suited and fruitful to them are:-   Moving forward with mobile without back-end upgrades:- It is possible to upgrade to SAP Fiori user experience without back-end upgrades. This change would help in the resistance that the end-users have towards the new system and simultaneously get one step closer to the digital transformation roadmap. The users can become familiar with the next generation digital and mobile UI without having to jump from SAP S/4 HANA to SCP (SAP Cloud Platform). This move could give the users more flexibility, simplicity and better way to transition to SAP Leonardo.   Providing IOS apps for attached CRM:-   Connecting CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module with iOS apps would give a huge opportunity to improved customer master data access and hence would transform the way customer service is provided after SAP S/4 HANA migration. Customer service is definitely a crucial sector that directly impacts customer retention. Improved customer service also indirectly impacts future customer acquisition. A set of seven applications can extract data from SAP CRM system and ECC systems as an input for the iOS apps. With the apps, users can accomplish a lot of their daily tasks with fewer clicks and that would lead to increased efficiency.   Find your path to digital transformation   SAP technical services that are provided on the platform are not solutions but they are actually connectors which can be used to integrate emerging technologies from third-parties. The purpose of SAP Leonardo to give a structured but agile way to coming of age technologies is a great one but the customers should be wary of a concept that is not open to provide you the opportunity and solutions that best support specific Leonardo journey needs, but rather the path that they want you on. So, while looking at the enterprise solutions it is important to look for solutions that fit you rather than take the enterprise solution as it is. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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