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Why Body Moisturizer Should not be use on your face? - Articles Factory

Body and face creams may look like something fundamentally the same and it became quite difficult to isolate both of them once they are out of their chambers, compartments, or pots. As they are difficult to distinguish, you should set a mark on them and there are reasons you should not use a body cream at whole body. To get aware for the difference between the two products, I consult the dermatologist for the information. What is the difference between the skin on your face and the skin all over? According to dermatologist, the basic difference between the skin of your face and remaining body is of thickness. They said the most sebaceous organs are found on the face. These organs are responsible for producing oil which further depends on the environmental conditions and hormonal changes. Because of the abundance of organs on your face, it becomes the most sensitive part of your body. One more factor which makes the face most sensible is that it is displayed most of the time regardless of sunlight and its dangerous rays. Rose body lotion Roses are the symbol of love and beauty and one of the known components in beauty products because of its various advantages. It acts as anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti- bacterial agent. Oil extracted from the rose is used to cure several ailments for example scratches, burns and skin problems. Roses being a natural agent helps to fills the pore. Rose water benefits in the treatment for soothing redness and inflammation, acne and to calm the skin. Roses protect the skin cells from damage as they are rich in vitamin C and behave as powerful anti-oxidant. Moreover, the natural oil present in the roses helps to moisturize the skin by deeper hydration. And the sweet smell and mild aroma of rose products gives you the perfect fragrance. From hydrating body to refreshing the face, a list of best rose-merged beauty products is prepared for hair and skin. LADIÔNE Rose body lotion and Lemon body lotion is Natural & Organic Amalfi Lemon & Vanilla Body Lotion is formulated using the most premium USDA Certified Organic and All-Natural ingredients which nourish the skin and keep the skin away from dehydration and dryness. LADIÔNE gives the 100% guarantee for its quality and also provide you the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The reason for using the USDA lineup of fixings rather than natural is to give you the best quality.      Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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