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Cigars are different in kind and quality, the packaging of Cigars heavily depends on the quality of the cigar itself and vice versa, cheapest cigars do not come in quality packaging, the packaging reflects a cigar’s quality as a suit reflects a man’s personality. Refined custom cigar boxes are like tailored suits that are created to fit the man wearing them, each shows a distinct personality and each is aimed at a different demographic.How to create your own Packaging?If you are looking to create your own Cigar packaging, you will have to understand that there are a few questions you need to ask yourself and write the answers down as detailed as possible, after good research.What Quality Cigar are you selling?Cigars depend on their quality to have the similar packaging, if your cigars are not the right quality, it can be off-putting. If you are creating cheaper cigars, you will have to create a packaging that invites people by showing that the cigars are affordable. For those in your demographic, it can be intimidating to get a box that is too luxurious.On the other hand, a heap box for Luxurious Cigars is just not an option. People shop more for the looks when they have the right money to spend, rather than shopping for the mere quality in itself. It needs to look good, photograph well and look decent if placed on a desk.What Demographic are you selling to?The Demographic does not merely go with Age and Gender, you also need specifications if you want to please the clients you are aiming the product at. Cigars are usually for the businessmen and the older folks, but what type of old folk.Some just want to show off their wealth and will buy a Cigar with a gold tip, while others know their quality and will buy their hand-pressed Cuban cigars for the natural flavor. You need to make the packaging according to the two types, the colors and font need to have a personality of their own and not just a theme that is picked off the internet.What type of Boxes do you like currently?Search for Cigar boxes, go into the cardboard box selection and pick out designs that you like, familiarize yourself with different terminology and you can even contact the companies that specialize in such packaging, such as Custom Cigarette boxes or many others you can find. Go for companies with good reviews and give them a call or send an email, inquiring about popular types, it will be very knowledgeable.What image do you wish your Cigars have?Cigars need to be sold not as a product, but as a story. Each Cigar has its own story and that is how it needs to be sold. The richness of the flavor and how the concentration is created, the effort of the person hand-pressing each roll and the story of the growing tobacco that is used. You can make your cigars almost poetic.What are the types of Box Usual Styles?Rigid BoxesRigid boxes are a client favorite and they have a classy personality, these boxes have no rough edges and provide a smooth and luxurious surface for the cigars. The rigidness of the box can be decided by the client, it depends on how big you want the sides to be and how much focus you want to put into the quality of the box.Double Walled boxesDouble Walled boxes are high quality boxes that are quite strong because the cardboard is folded and creates a barrier for the product against humidity, dryness, dust, etc. These boxes are also quite secure so if they accidentally fall, they will not be fully harmed.Sleeve BoxesSleeve boxes have a smooth exterior, a decent and minimalistic sleeve box with a quality rigid tray inside is a making of quality. It provides innovation as well as quality in one as the boxes are completely secure but also have only one seem on the outside.Two Piece boxesThe use of the Two Piece Boxes is common, most boxes look more classic in the two-piece form as they can create a look of quality, being presented like a piece of jewelry. The story of these boxes can be led in any direction you wish as it is easily changeable.Magnetic Flap BoxesMagnetic Flap boxes also hold innovation as the main point as there is a magnetic flap that securely closes, keeping the cigars safe. These boxes also have the precious feeling to it. Like something expensive is being presented, which is what you need to go for in the quality boxes.Are there any Unique Box Styles for Cigars?Rigid Hexagon BoxesRigid Hexagon boxes maybe a little expensive but a beautiful and elegant hexagon box provides a brilliant and unique aesthetic to the Cigars that you provide your clients with. The whole idea in full is not only unique but also aimed at women as they are more attracted towards the complex shapes.Window Sleeve boxesWindow Sleeve Boxes are the sleeves that have intricate die-cut windows in them, these designs are new and are not completely used. However, the downside is that these take away from the quality of the material is not extremely high quality.Specialty custom BoxesThe Specialty Custom Cigar boxes are basically your pick, you can actually take different ideas from the boxes that you see and like. You can take different aspects, such as the shape, the material, the window, and the style, then create something that is completely your own. These boxes hold a bigger impact and give you a better out looks. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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