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Moving – A Packing Guide for Your Kitchen

When you are moving, you probably already know that you need plenty of boxes and packing tape. You may have already researched strategies for organizing your boxes so the unpacking goes smoothly once the move is complete. But you may not have thought through exactly how you will pack certain items in your home. Here are some tips for common household kitchen items and the best ways to pack them. The kitchen probably holds the most fragile items in your home. Dishes, glassware, china, and cooking utensils are somewhat bulky and can easily be damaged in the moving process if they are not handled properly. If possible, consider purchasing a dish pack or two from a supplier who specializes in boxes for moves. These work well for packing glassware and mugs that are less than 18 inches tall. China and glassware needs to be wrapped several times, and newspaper can work as the outer wrapping, but use something else for the innermost wrap so that the print does not adhere to the valuable item.Set the largest items, like platters and serving plants, on the lowest layer of the dish pack on top of some sort of cushion, such as wadded up newspaper. When you add a layer of dishes to the box, cushion the layer underneath with two to three inches of crushed paper.Bowls are problematic, especially if they are heavy. They should be thoroughly wrapped and used as a layer in a dish pack box. If they are shallow bowls, stand them on edge. If they are deep, nest a few together with cushioning material between, and lay the stack upside down in the box. If a bowl has a lid, such as a sugar bowl, wrap it separately. Keep it with its container by turning it upside down on top of the bowl. This will help protect it while also ensuring that you can find all of the parts when you need them after you are done moving.Like glassware, breakable cups are best packed in the cells used in a dish pack. If this is not possible, make sure you wrap them carefully. Either way, pack them upside down on their rims, and turn the handles facing the same direction to maximize your use of space within the box.If you have any real silver in your home, you need to protect it from air. Wrap it in something that will not tarnish, such as plastic wrap or tissue paper. If the items are stored in a chest already, consider adding some tissue paper to the empty spaces in the chest or wrapping the pieces individually.Other items that are less breakable can be packed less carefully, but you do want to be careful with the way in which you package them. Your goal when moving is to have each box as densely packed as humanly possible, so make use of your best organizing skills to minimize empty space within each box before you close it up.

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