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With a hectic schedule in everyone’s lives, one can easily forget cleaning their septic tank. Here you will get to know everything about septic tank cleaning near me with the intention of expanding your thoughts to see the bigger picture.Importance of Septic Tank CleaningNot cleaning the tank for a long time attracts the growth of algae and other unpleasant fungi. If the water is there for long, it will emit a bad odor. The algae produce silt, and the bacteria can turn into toxic. If the problem is not detected soon, there will be costly repairs or replacement. Cleaning of the system helps to protect your family, preserves the environment and promote health.Working of Septic TankAfter the waste enters into the septic tank, it is divided into three levels, namely: Solid that forms sludge and settle at the bottom of the tank, water forms the middle layer, and the oil forms a scum layer at the top. The liquid layer has the highest percentage of the waste, and with time, it gradually affects the tank’s performance. The sludge is left to decompose, and at a point, the best bacteria also unable to break it down, and the solids will start building up and take the tank’s space.Step by Step Procedure for Tank CleaningCollecting EquipmentYou need to have the right equipment and tools to clean, and they are mentioned below:Baking sodaChlorine tabletLaundry detergentBleachSafety glassesProtective rubber glovePower washerBristle brushWater in a bucketLocating the Septic TankYou have to find the exact location by starting from the sewer pipe to the direction the pipe takes to exit the house.Digging for Reaching the Top of the TankThe tank is buried underground, and you have to remove the dirt on top of it by using a shovel. As a cover, the tank has a tight port lid. Inspect it to make sure there are no cracks as they obstruct proper pumping. Test by flushing your toilet and check whether the wastewater making it to the tank or not. If you see any cracks, call a professional to repair them.Waste PumpingWhen everything is in the right condition, pull up the tank’s rid and put it aside. Now the waste needs to be pumped and directed towards the pumping truck. This method breaks up the scum and sludge, and the solids will be eliminated. The professionals must inspect the baffles to ensure that none is damaged.Baffle CleaningAfter completion of pumping, only a small amount of liquid and a black film in the wall are visible. By wearing protective gloves, the cleaner must reach into the baffle using his hands, a rake, and a hoe. Then he pulls out the filter. For rinsing the filter, the cleaner holds it over the septic tank inlet side and spray it using a hosepipe or dip in hot water until all solids come out. Finally, the tank gets cleaned. Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from

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